Jeff Beck Guitar Lessons Check out this Jeff Beck Guitar Lesson DVD. Michael Casswell teaches you how to play guitar like Jeff Bec…

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38 Responses to Learn To Play Jeff Beck Guitar Lesson DVD with Michael Casswell Licklibrary

  • someguy says:

    My hat’s off to you Mr. Casswell. Never heard anybody get, well, THERE.
    Magnificent! I might buy the CD, but, for now, these little segments will
    keep me busy. Just wondered if you went to two springs on the trem bridge?

  • MacDrevi0us says:

    Whats the point of the roller nut?

  • Matthew Winter says:

    Jeff beck removes 2 of the tension springs from the back of his strat I
    assume that Mikes has as well.

  • FiatLux8888 says:

    Caswell nails Jeff Beck better than Jeff Beck….well stated that he takes
    Jeff Beck at his best and nails it..

  • Maxim Lamoureux says:

    Got a REALLY IMPORTANT QUESTION… is he wearing some covers on the
    pickups or is it some other pickups than single coils?

  • Alcomable says:

    How many of those fender strats does Michael have???

  • Aram Jahn says:

    Wow…you’ve internalized Beck in every way. You’ve got his tone, vibrato,
    everything. And your speech is articulate. Bravo!

  • nelliethetele says:

    I like that he’s using a Strat Ultra from the early ’90s, specifically the
    pale lime and the lavender colored guitars in this video. I own one of
    these. He also uses a white Stratocaster with SCN pickups, which is more of
    what Jeff uses today. Those old Ultras also have locking tuners; it will
    never go out of tune. A 2-point tremelo helps, too. The nut is a either a
    wilkinson or a newer LSR roller nut. You can find most of these
    appointments on the Stratocaster Pro. I’m going to buy this DVD!

  • lrizzo2001 says:

    incredible sustain, thank god for the wilkinson nut.

  • Samir Cakar says:

    Two Rivers sound like porn music. Fantastic!!!!!

  • opilus says:

    @ScooBeeDooBeeDoo it looks like he has a lace sensor “dually” in the bridge

  • Maxim Lamoureux says:

    WE NEED ANOTHER JEFF BECK DVD !!! thumbs up if u agree

  • loggsoul says:

    this dude Michael Casswell is really one of rare persons who deserve to be
    heared . Loads of bullcrap from those who make lessons mostly for
    commercial reasons , but this dude belive me everything he say is good said
    . No bullshit .

  • thirdynumberone . says:

    talk about sustain !!!!

  • dune thurman says:

    Amazing sound and technique… How far up does your strat vibrato arm go?
    sounds like you get as much as a minor 3rd? my strat only gets a 1/2
    step…i’ve been told that anymore ends up with tuning problems and undue
    pressure on the neck…

  • Manraj Garg says:

    god damn,he makes it looks so easy the way he does the harmonics for where
    were you are amazing i still cant get the touch right and then the bends
    for cause we’ve ended as lovers are just perfect

  • Kiara Dean says:

    I think it would be easier to learn guitar with an actual person cause that
    way they can like show you up close and like position your hands so it’s in
    the right spot and could tune the guitar if it was out of tune

  • Kiki Love says:

    When I first watched this I was like it looks easy but when I actually put
    the guitar in my hands I was like shit

  • Emily Knapp says:

    what if your guitar is out of tune? my parents just got me mine and they
    said that it was out of tune. How big of a difference will it make?

  • nou thao says:

    Man…. Its hard to play guitar

  • LiamTheHandsome says:

    Fvck whenever i push my guitar strings i doesnt make any sound 

  • Olster z says:

    Is it me of do all the chords sound the same when i do it

  • manji Dandam says:

    i started playing the guitar and then abandoned it because i thought it was
    hard. It seems hard and your finger aches too. ready to give it another try

  • Naruto Bullzeye says:

    how do i tune it rightly

  • Lisya ZAC says:

    My guitar made a different sound than your guitar T_T i ima give up…

  • Emily Knapp says:

    cause on my a its lower then yours and i dont know if its because my
    guitar is so out of tune or im just not doing it right
    help please

  • Juli M says:

    Thanks, this really helped

  • blaze punk says:


  • MrMarioSupermario says:

    I believe its only few chords??? 😀 Am I right?

  • adrian mars says:

    I used to watch this video about four years ago when I was starting playing
    guitar and it’s good to know some chords and change chord positions I
    remember it was kinda hard to do but eventually you get it and understand
    more… and now I’m a good guitar player I have great knowledge I learned
    by myself.. but there is still much to learn.. it’s great to watch other
    guitar players and listen to them what they know can be beneficial to your
    guitar playing keep playing guitar everyone!! :)

  • Sara Brauders says:

    This is so much harder than it looks sure I think it’s easier for someone
    to be there with you while you learn!! 

  • richard bennett says:


  • Mona aldona says:

    cool what

  • Paula Kaiser says:


  • luke fowler says:


  • Jake Ravin says:

    is V2 way more better?

  • Hannah kitty says:

    Are all of the chords important? I cant memorize it. Meh.. Beginners.. 

  • JP Valencia says:

    It really hepled thanks


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