Learn How To Play Somebody Save Me by Cinderella on Guitar (Lesson Video)

Visit http://www.rawtalentguitar.com to order now! Tutorial Tuesday: Learn How To Play Somebody Save Me by Cinderella on Guitar (Lesson Video by Raw Talent G…
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19 Responses to Learn How To Play Somebody Save Me by Cinderella on Guitar (Lesson Video)

  • Steve Handel says:

    So far no instruction on the bridge piece leading into the solo?

  • Tim Stanley says:

    How are you supposed to make your guitar sound like the song with no
    Distortion?? Come on now!

  • bruzrcruzr2004 says:

    I learned how to play this song from watching Tom Keifer in person and the
    last part of the riff is 4/5 not 5/4.

  • Austin pickman says:

    Will you also do the solo to the song to ty, and also plzz do a leson on if
    i die young by the band perry, and also nightmare by avenged sevenfold,
    beast and the harlot by avenged sevenfold, and also welcome home by coheed
    and cambria plzz when you gusy get the chance and thank you so much

  • 57truckz says:

    Awesome Thanks,,,,,!!

  • Austin pickman says:

    Thank you very much for doing a lesson on this song i realy appreciate it
    thank you so very much

  • onebadasian v says:

    This guy looks nervous.. for the mini solo, bend with vibrato makes it
    sound much better. very easy song to play. Prechorus is A to C to G and
    then the chorus is same as verse. Wish i was smart enough to post a

  • GuitairMaster35 says:

    Clear ur throat

  • Austin pickman says:

    When i got the email that you guys were doing this lesson I was like O My
    Gosh thank you for doing the lesson i requested infact i think its the only
    lesson of this song on youtube all the other things of this song are covers
    so thiss will also help others out to you guys are the best 🙂

  • Panos Arvanitis says:

    very difficult song!!!

  • RawTalentGuitar says:

    We’re planning on redoing this video soon – thanks for the heads up.

  • RawTalentGuitar says:

    Really? That’s the voice he was given, but thanks for the corrective
    criticism, which, actually, cannot be corrected. So, thanks for the
    criticism! 🙂 Rock on!

  • King Rock&Roll says:

    Almost sounds like Modern Day Cowboy, key word” almost”. Great video.

  • nightmaredreamer666 says:

    he looks stoned as f***, his eyes are red as shit,

  • XBlueM0ndayX says:

    Really great video

  • stonefreer1 says:

    so the tab on the bending is bad… cos the third string is bending no the
    second one , isnt it

  • RawTalentGuitar says:

    This was a request, and since we’re a guitar training software, and we were
    just starting out with the idea that our customers would want tutorial
    videos on more songs rather than techniques and answering their questions
    and requests. We answered a few questions and the request was focused on
    the intro. From now on we will teach entire we promise to redo this one, as
    a lot of people are requesting the chorus

  • Austin pickman says:

    this is still the only lesson of this song on youtube..as far as i know

  • RawTalentGuitar says:

    You asked for it. You got it.


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