Learn how to play guitar. basic beginner course that increases in difficulty. acoustic, electric, and classical guitar. part 1. for very beginners. PART 2 PO…

17 Responses to Learn How to Play Guitar Series Lesson 1

  • TheFinemocha says:

    I have a dumb question, with your left hand are you pressing on the frets
    or the fret markers

  • Alyssa Fernandez says:

    thanks for teaching me.

  • shruti nishtala says:

    you remind me of Trent from Daria

  • Guitarmastery.net says:

    Nowadays with the popularity of the internet and high speed internet
    access, learning how to play guitars with videos are a fun way to learn.

  • Learning Guitar says:

    Some good help here but noise level in background a bit distracting

  • Douglas Musgrove says:

    Thank you very much Joseph for this video, I am at least able to keep up
    with this instructions. Please keep them coming so when I get done learning
    everything that you have taught in this video I should be able to move on
    to the next. Again, I greatly appreciate this video.

  • buy jamorama says:

    Some excellent guitar tips right here. I think I might be implementing some
    of these on my students

  • CW Daly says:

    Good stuff. Looking forward to getting my first guitar.

  • Katherine Trousdale says:

    I think someone’s doing the dishes in the background ^^

  • Mihai Rosu says:

    i got exactly the same guitar

  • Jaras Muscaria says:

    Send this guy some tips, people! What is your Bitcoin wallet address, bro?

  • Tri Harder says:

    Whats with the background noise? Too distracting for beginners!

  • Vants Anseth says:

    This is such a cool thing that you would make this video, the only thing is
    that you don’t have a mic on you and it is so hard to hear what you are
    saying, very frustrating trying to hear you, but your video is awesome!

  • Robert Dalessi says:

    Thanks saved money by using theses lessons

  • Kimberli says:

    This was super helpful!!! 

  • Hofmann Crew says:

    Soooooo helpful! Learned a ton! thank you!!!:)

  • Joseph Strateger says:

    Nirvana – Come as you are: open E, open E, E1, E2, open A, E2, open A, E2,
    E2. E1, open E, A2, open E, open E, A2 repeat


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