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42 Responses to Learn guitar & master strum patterns and strumming to help tackle learning any popular song

  • Jason Lord says:

    I think brain surgery is a lot more easier

  • frank10manning says:

    Very helpful lesson, Professor David. Thanks

  • Ionel Munteanu says:

    which link where is it

  • Julios Del Rosario says:

    Are there certain types of chord patterns where you HAVE to change chords?

  • Ionel Munteanu says:

    nvrm i found it

  • John Pykett says:

    Hey guys, I’ve been creating a strum pattern for this new app on the iPhone
    and iPad – it’s just a basic pattern which seems to be helping so many
    beginners right now – the pattern is just a basic “DxDxDxDx” rhythm. You
    can edit the pattern if you want to! Click on the hashtag, then find the
    link in the first video to get the pattern #OptimaStrumTutor

  • emelyn567 says:

    Now I learned how to strum. Its just I need more practice cause I am a
    little bit slow when I change chords. Kindky Send me a copy of chords and
    struming thank you

  • Julios Del Rosario says:

    Are there certain types of chord patterns where you HAVE to change chords?

  • Sergio Lopez says:

    Ur YouTube videos have really helped me out thank you

  • Anshul Mangla says:

    I David, thx for such amazin lessons, Question – How do we prevent fingers
    from touching other strings while playing a chord, invariably everything
    that we play on the guitar involves us to use more than one finger, but at
    times the finger touches another string which kind of affects the sound
    coming of it when that string is strummed, wanted to know if this can be
    prevented some how, any input on this will be gr8ly appreciated.

  • rockongoodpeople says:

    Hi – appreciate the kind words – thanks so much! At this time we don’t have
    any guitars will scalloped fretboards so we cant do any demos/reviews with
    them. Will have to keep our eyes out for one in the future to review/demo.
    Best of luck rock on! David T

  • ErickQuijadaGuitar says:

    Hi man, I like what you are doing and your way of teaching. Good job (Y)

  • rockongoodpeople says:

    Hi Val – thanks so much for your kind words – most appreciated! So glad
    that you like our lessons and that we can help you with your playing. Keep
    up all the hard work and keep on rocking! take care David T

  • rockongoodpeople says:

    Hi Zach – we have tons of lessons on chords including the fingerings –
    check out the chord library as well as the lessons in the beginner 1-99
    section master classes on the full on video instructional website at next
    level guitar dotcom – there is a free 3 day all access pass on the home
    page so you can try out the site and see how u like it – enjoy and rock oN!
    David T

  • JonRHilmars says:

    really fun strumming lesson.. thanx for great lessons

  • jamespweb says:

    david, your lessons were great back then, they are amazingly boring now..

  • pepeledog says:

    Outstanding lesson, Dave!

  • allieV says:

    Thank you sooooo much!

  • narf8874 says:

    @tylernautica I agree, d&u don’t really give you a breakdown of the
    time/rhythmic element. …..1, 2, 3, 4, ….1 e and ah .. etc definitely
    makes more sense.

  • 270Gmoney says:

    Hey David, whats under the hat?

  • rapterchannel says:

    Do you write song lyrics? Also im going to university soon, what guitar is
    best for a beginner? an acoustic or an electric guitar?

  • mannnymanny says:

    im so glad he said that your not suppose to think of it as “down down up
    down” it is more of a feel and im glad becuz thats how i am now. i just
    listen to the song and my hand just does what it needs to do

  • rockongoodpeople says:

    Hi – no prob – I have a list of simple songs using open chords – go to our
    full on instructional website at next level guitar dotcom – look in the
    ARTICLES section for an artice I wrote titled good campfire songs – then
    use the free 3 day pass on the homepage to access. Rock on! David T

  • Van Guennythan says:

    Can I play it without the guitar pick? I’m used to using my fingers and I
    can’t learn to use the pick 😐

  • W2MANIME says:

    thanks a lot man, there’s a lot of stuff out there for beginners and
    sometimes it can be overwhelming, this helped a lot 

  • Madison Russ says:

    mind = blown. Seriously SO helpful!! :)

  • BIgRon2176 says:

    Nice idea for beginners. Good job.

    Big Ron

  • Kyle Dean says:

    I struggled the same way found your video and changed my overall sound in
    minutes thank you!! You are my new go to channel.

  • soundwave809 says:

    Thanks Matt, this was very helpful!

  • Dylan Thomas Prowse says:

    great video

  • Ben Thrasher says:

    How do i get my fingers to lock the strings down to produce better chords?

  • Monica Stewart says:

    Hi Matt…do you have a site where you show tabs for finger placement for
    each 4 chords? It would be nice to have something to print out and keep in
    front of me when I don’t have my computer or iPad in front of me. Am
    enjoying your lessons very much!!!! Thank you…..I can’t wait till I can
    play Chris Tomlin’s “How Great Is Our God” !!!!

  • Ericka Lee says:

    Be cause of you im learning your version of wagon wheel

  • Maike Brouwers says:

    what do you do with your right hand

  • Jaydenn Hicks says:

    That c is a c ad9 isn’t it?

  • Dinesh Mansukhani says:

    Dear matt, I am 47 and just thought I miss never having to learn an
    instrument. Thank you, your videos are really helping me . I have just
    getting to learn the G and C CHORD. THANK YPU AND GOD BLESS.

  • Mark Bernard says:

    Wny do you add the ring finger on playing the G chord 3rd fret? I’m a
    beginner, I noticed on the chord charts on the 1st string but not the 2nd.
    Thanks! Great videos by the way. We’re close by on the Outer Banks!

  • Alexia Lewis says:

    This is super helpful, especially with the Wagon Wheel tutorial. You have
    my subscription, Matt(:

  • Ziall Stylison says:

    i don’t know how tight the strings have to be on my guitar 

  • ice says:

    Couldn’t get the Em part

  • Naomi Grant says:

    Hi Matt! 🙂 Thank you so much! Your videos are so helpful and I just
    started today with your videos. The first ones I’ve found that makes sense!
    But can you please slow down the finger movement or make it possible to see
    what chords your fingers are on? 🙂 Thank you.

  • Richard Kloss says:



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