Just a little heads up if you are considering on learning the guitar. This is just to help you to decide on what kind of guitar to purchase and a couple othe…
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8 Responses to Advice to those wanting to learn guitar. Jerald Rae

  • elfhermie says:

    Hey, Jerald, have you ever had a chance to try out a Peavey Riptide? I’ve
    always wanted a Peavey, a tele, and a maple neck and the white Riptides
    offer all of that, but I’ve never been able to play one in person but I’ve
    seen a few of them on ebay. I’ve been debating between a Riptide, a Peavey
    Generation tele, a Peavey Reactor, and the Squire Affinity… and also
    looking at my place and seeing how little room I have for yet another
    guitar… lol! Anyway, just wondering if you’ve tried out any of those
    models apart from the Affinity which I know you play and like (one of the
    reason’s it’s high on my watch list!). Thanks, Jerald and have a great

  • transtremm says:

    Here’s some advise don’t by a guitar that begins with a Zeee?

  • curbshoppin says:

    I agree with your advice, There are many really playable guitars for 200
    dollars on down, when I started playing in the late sixties most of the
    guitars I could afford were hard to play and sounded cheap. I learned along
    time ago if you spend the time to learn and practice you will sound awesome
    on just about any guitar now a days…love your videos…… Keep em coming

  • jeraldsrestoration says:
  • chris kerrick says:

    right to the point I love it thank you

  • ChesneyDigital says:

    The worst thing that could happen to a new guitar player is that they buy a
    guitar not compatible with the type of sound they’re looking for- like when
    I spent $450 on a DeArmond Bluesbird re-issue thinking it’d sound
    rockabilly because it kinda looked like it not realizing those humbuckers
    were meant for continuous show offy BB King style blues riffs. So I spent
    the next several years in frustration trying to make my guitar sound like
    something it wasn’t. The best way is to find out what kind’ve guitars the
    bands you like are playing and go from there.

  • RockinDigger1 says:

    I played a austin gold top with p 90s…it was amazing!!

  • AWesley Murphy says:

    this is great I love austins they’re great! I wanna find one thats missing
    electronics so I can put 2 lace sensor emeralds one silver and the coolest
    wiring harness I found on ebay. Imagine64 has some great stuff.


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