Playing Funky Rhythm Guitar

Learn how to play funk and RandB rhythm guitar with easy-to-follow instructions on the hottest grooves. CD features recorded demonstrations of every example, plus 8 jam along tracks! Topics covered include: the backbeat * single-line parts * quarter note, eighth note, and 16th note feels * reggae grooves * shuffle and triplet feels * common chords and progressions * and more!

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Guitar For Girls-Start Playing with Alex Bach

Start playing with Alex Bach and follow in the footsteps of great female guitarists such as Avril Lavigne, Brodi Dalle, Courtney Love, Sheryl Crow, Crissy Hynde and KT Tunstall. Here’s everything you need to start playing the guitar. This guitar method covers every topic from first strumming and playing position to playing complete songs. It’s your chance to learn how to play and find out if you’ve got what it takes to become a talented guitarist and singer/songwriter. Author Alex Bach gives fast-track access to chords, scales, strumming patterns, and finger-picking style. You even get your own backing band. System Requirements: Running Time: 59 minsFormat: DVD MOVIE

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A guitar learning program specifically targeted at step by step video and audio lessons in a well structured format is a key requirement for a beginner to stay motivated and on the right track when learning to play the guitar.

It has often been said that 80% of the struggle in learning to play the guitar is the psychological aspect of staying focused enough to continue without giving up at the first sign of a struggle. As a guitarist you will have occasional mental blocks where you battle to grasp certain concepts and the only way to move past these is to keep working through the lessons until you are successful, it all takes time and practice.

Guitar learning programs are generally designed to move the guitarist from the beginner stage right up to the advanced stage, through highly specific lessons involving both scales and chords.

The beauty of having all the guitar lessons in video format is that you can revisit each lesson again and again until you have achieved the required outcome and then move onto the next lessons.

Besides the advantages of cost and inconvenience as opposed to one on one tutor-based guitar lessons, the lessons in a guitar software program will accelerate the learning process of the guitar student enhancing the level of understanding through basic videos.

Some disadvantages of having a tutor are, firstly, you are not always in the right frame of mind, for instance, after a bad day at work, and secondly, by the time that you arrive home after your lesson you may have forgotten some of the techniques that you have just been taught thus hindering the learning curve.

Guitar learning programs are highly advantageous in the accuracy of your guitar playing and speed of advancement through to guitar proficiency. The time that you invest in the guitar software will result in the strength of your guitar playing.

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