Before attempting to learn to play the guitar you first must be educated with a few facts.  Every guitar song is made up primarily of notes.  Notes are like the building blocks arranged to create vital fragments of a guitar song: Chords. Chords are simply a series of notes played in harmony. When played properly, chords compose a fragment of a melody.

In order to play most guitar songs, it is necessary to know certain chords.  Beginner courses typically start you out with the easiest guitar chords to learn.  These are rather simple because only 3 fingers are needed to play them.  Such easy to learn guitar chords are A, C, D, and G.  A chord is produced when the player presses down on the strings of the fret and at the same time strums his fingers on the area of the strings directly over the hole in the body of the guitar.  This is best practiced on an acoustic guitar before playing an electric one.

The biggest trick in learning to play guitar chords is to apply just the right amount of pressure on the guitar’s strings.  Beginners usually press much too hard on the strings while others press too lightly.  With adequate practice any player will find that perfect balance, applying the right amount of pressure without even thinking about it.

Also when learning guitar chords it’s best to get in the habit of leveling down the wrist of the playing hand.  This rule applies to both left-handed and right-handed players.  Those who fail to do this will eventually develop pain and cramping in their hand.  And if the guitar should buzz rather than produce a pleasant chord, you’ll need to reposition your wrist.  These are reasons why this technique should be learned from the start. 

When learning to play guitar chords, a beginner should practice songs that have the least number of chord movements.  There are plenty of songs available that are perfect for beginners.  After a fair amount of practice, the beginner can try playing these chords with his eyes closed.  Professional players are almost always able to play without looking at the fret.  If they must, they just want to be sure the placement of their fingers is correct on the more difficult chords.

After you had a chance to learn guitar chords and have played them frequently, you should be able to memorize the hand movements of all basic chords.  Playing them will then become second nature.  It’s very helpful to have top-notch guitar for beginner resources to use and the best piece of advice of all: practice playing the guitar every day.

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There are a lot of different ways to learn to play your guitar. Some are a bit more unusual than the classic idea. First thing you think of is ofcourse that you make an appointment at your local music school with a renowned teacher. You go once or twice a week to master your instrument and eventually after months you can finally make some noise on your guitar that doesn’t sound bad at all.

But there are other ways. Every once in a while you hear of someone who thaught him or herself to play the guitar. A couple of the best guitarists in the world are self thaught. Dave Grohl for instance. He started when he was twelve with some lessons. But he didn’t like this very much so he started to teach himself. And you have to admit, when you see them live or even hear them, you can’t really complain about Dave’s guitar play. This means that it is possible. But if you are just a normal average guitarist you can probably forget it. It takes a significant amount of talent and discipline. Because you already need to have a very good feeling for music to learn it by yourself.

Next to that, and by far the most important ingredient, is discipline. When you try to teach yourself you will be faced by problems and disappointment very often. There is no teacher that gives tips about what you do wrong and how you can improve on your play. You also have to sort all steps out by yourself. Because how do you know where to start without the help of your guru? And what do you do when you have some basic knowledge and want to get better?

Luckilly there are more options than just these two. Books are another possibility. Good books with some really helpful tips can be found in the library or even at a music shop. The biggest upsides of teaching by book are that it is cheap and you don’t need to make an appointment , you can start whenever you want. There is also a very big downside of this way. Every person is different so the tips given in a book won’t apply to every one. Next to that a book won’t tell you when you are wrong.

But the past few years the internet has grown in popularity. The same goes for online guitar courses. There are a lot of them out there. So which one to pick? That can be difficult because there is also a lot of rubish to found on the interwebs. Fortunately you can find a Guitar Lesson Review of the bigger players in the online course game. This is in my opinion a far better solution than books because a lot of these methods provide you with video’s and a supportive community you can rely on.

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