To learn to play the Electric Guitar, you have to know the things you will need first. These are the following: an electric guitar, amplifier, guitar pick, and amplifier cord. You need these things so you can better appreciate learning the electric guitar.

There are now so many variations of the standard acoustic guitar; you have the bass guitar, electric, electric-acoustic, acoustic and others. As each kind of guitar has its own unique qualities, the electric guitar also has its own. An electric guitar is better played with an amplifier since the tune sounds better and riffs are more defined.

Electric guitars are a little different from standard guitars because they have several buttons added to the parts to enable adjustment. These are the following:

3 volume and tone button: for adjustment of the guitars volume and quality
Pick-up switch: these are like microphones that magnify the sound and they function like built-in amplifiers hence the name pick-up.
Tremolo: the steel bar connected to the bridge of the electric guitar. Moving this up and down will move the bridge causing the pitch to be altered.

To learn to play the electric guitar efficiently, you must own your own electric guitar so that you can practice, practice, practice.

Aside from learning chords and notes, and if you want to do solo guitar riffs, you need to learn guitar scales. In doing so, you will learn to play the electric guitar using all the frets and creating very stylish tunes perfect for solos.

You have to learn the major and minor scales, as well as pentatonic scales, chromatic scales and all of the inversions. Take note that the main difference between major and minor scales is the addition of the third note. The third note gives the major and minor chords its upbeat and dark tones respectively. Major scales have major 3rds while minor scales have minor 3rds. As you familiarize yourself with these two scales, you will begin to notice the difference among the different kinds of 3rds. After learning these 2 main scales, move on to the others to further enhance your knowledge. Before you know it, you are already rock star!


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