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Strumming 101: How To Strum Your Guitar Like A Pro!: Learn and Master Five Essential Strumming Patterns for Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Strumming 101: How To Strum Your Guitar Like A Pro!: Learn and Master Five Essential Strumming Patterns for Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Strumming is an essential and often VERY overlooked part of guitar playing.

Yet, it is strumming that separates the awesome guitarist from the poor sounding amateur.

Do you struggle to hear what strumming patterns are used in a song?

Do you not know when to strum up and when to strum down?

Do you not know any ACTUAL strum patters to call on at will?

Do you find it frustrating watching others impress with just a handful of chords and some awesome strum


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It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to become the next famous guitar player or you just want to be able to entertain your family and friends around the campfire, there are many sources available to you. A “learn to play guitar video” is probably one of the best places to start. The reason for this is you can actually see the steps necessary as opposed to reading a book which can sometimes be confusing if you are in the beginner stages of learning the guitar. Just like any instrument, the guitar requires a great deal of patience and practice unless you are one of the few gifted guitar players. And even the gifted players do a certain amount of practicing to get there chops to where they like them.

A learn to play guitar video takes the guess work out of many of the aspects of learning by showing you exactly where to place your fingers. It can also show you techniques rather than try to explain them on paper. Another important aspect of a learn to play guitar video is that you can actually here the sounds and compare them to the sounds that you are making. This shows you if you’re playing it correctly or not. Its like having a guitar instructor right there in the same room with you. However, it takes discipline on your part to follow through with suggestions that are made on the video and for some this can be trying. No one is going to check your progress the next time you sit down to a lesson. It requires you to be responsible enough to follow through on your own. You know what they say ‘no pain, no gain’! And we all know that sometimes practice can be painful. (ouch on those fingertips)

For younger people, one on one lessons can be an important ingredient to learning to play the guitar but once they have a few of the basics under their belt and have proven their interest and dedication to guitar, they will enthusiastically learn. Players who have a passion for the guitar don’t consider it work at all but pure pleasure. I remember as a kid, that I couldn’t wait to get home to my guitar so I could start making music. You didn’t have to nag me to do it. In fact more times than not, I had to be told to put my guitar down and do my homework.

Today with the internet there are numerous resources to find a learn to play guitar video online and from your home computer. Searching via google or yahoo can probably find you what you’re looking for but even better if you know a friend who has what you’re looking for and is happy with his or her results, ask them if they would mind sharing the source with you. You could even get together and learn as a group. Its always more fun to share your knowledge and licks with someone who has the same thirst for music as you do. Learning to play the guitar to a very high level can take years but the satisfaction you gain from finally playing a song from beginning to end is indescribable.

The most valuable advice I could give someone learning to play the guitar is to be patient, find some type of course or dvd (there are many online) so you avoid making long-term mistakes, and learn a new song every now and then. This is important as it keeps your interest level up and you don’t get bored with the same old song time and again.

A learn to play guitar video will implement a structured lesson plan, and keep you honest in your practice time and habits. Good practice habits are absolutely essential in learning the guitar properly.

Learn to be a pro with a learn to play guitar video and dvd course. Also, try easy guitar lessons for free lessons and tips to playing the guitar.

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Mel Bay 93270 Fun with the Ukulele Book

Mel Bay was born on February 25, 1913 in the little Ozark Mountain town of Bunker, Missouri. He bought a Sears Roebuck guitar at the age of 13 and several months later played his first gig. (He recalled playing until his fingers were raw!) Mel took up the tenor banjo shortly thereafter and continued to play both instruments. During his teenage years Mel played with a wild assortement of bands and characters in rural Missouri. Perhaps no gig was as strange as the job he landed with, in Mels words, a snake oil salesman. This flamboyant peddler would pull his ostentatious Pierce Arrow automobile, complete with steer horns mounted on the grill, into the center of a small, rural town. Mel would sit on the car and play up a storm on the tenor banjo. After a crowd gathered, the peddler took over and began extolling the merits of his wonder elixer. In 1933 Mel Bay moved to St. Louis and began his professional career. He played with numerous local and traveling bands. In addition, he landed staff guitar jobs on several radio stations. Mel fronted his own trio (piano, bass, guitar) and played steadily for 25 years! He was equally adept on most fretted instruments and played mandolin, uke, Hawaiian guitar, tenor and plectrum banjo professionally. While Mel was actively pursuing his playing career, he continued to teach as many as 100 students a week. He decided to begin writing instructional materials due to the difficulty encountered by guitarists at playing good sounding chord forms in rhythm sections and due to the poor note reading ability prevalent among guitarists. After the war Mel was asked to write instructional materials on guitar for GIs wanting to learn music under the GI Bill. In 1947 Mel formed his own publishing company and wrote his landmark initial book titled The Orchestral Chord System for Guitar. (This book is still in print under the title Rhythm Guitar Chord System and continues to be one the finest rhythm guitar chord texts available!) His Modern Guita

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