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Most people are looking for the fastest way to learn to play guitar. Guitar seems to be one of those instruments that is easy to click within a couple of weeks. After this time most people can already play some definitely recognizable songs. Here are a few things you can do that together makes the fastest way to learn to play guitar and awe your friends:

1) Learn the basic guitar chords: Something you will instantly notice when you start downloading tabs of your favorite songs is that a great amount of them use the same couple of chords. There are a few essential chords you want to practice as part of the fastest way to learn to play guitar. They are in order of importance: D, G, C and A.

2) Practice your strumming! Even if you know all the chords by memory and can transition between them quickly, you will still sound terrible if you don’t know some neat* strum patterns. Always be rehearsing your strumming, trying to play along with the rhythms that you hear in the song you are playing along with.

3) Practice bar chords: We frequently find that one of the biggest hindrances for new guitar players is succeeding with bar chords. These chords are the ones where you have to “bar” one complete fret with your index finger. This also happens to be the thing that makes getting a good sound from a bar chord so demanding. They are very common, thus making them very important. Mastering them is one of the fastest ways to learn to play guitar like a pro.

4) Learn the “cheater” chords: Guitar playing should be made as enjoyable as possible. Therefor, if looking for the fastest way to learn to play guitar, you should learn the chords that produces a similar sound than the bar chords. This will take away a lot of the frustration you might experience in the beginning, by simply learning one finger G and B.

5) Use a capo! A guitar capo is in all likelihood the fastest way to learn to play guitar and the associated bar chords. After getting your head around the basic finger placement, together with an understanding of the placement of the capo, you will have opened up yourself to a entirely new range of notes and songs.

Besides all the techniques we have given you above, the best encouragement we can give you if you are looking for the fastest way to learn to play guitar is to practice very, very regularly. With a lot of practice come a much deeper insight into the guitar and this will boost your progress up to the next level.

Now, we don’t want to bash the concept of taking lessons from a private mentor, but it happens every now and then* that you are held back by the mentor. You have long gaps between lessons and this doesn’t promote your fast learning. If you practice hard at home you will even find that the next lesson is step back from what you can do! This is definitely not the fastest way to learn to play guitar.

In this regard, the fastest way to learn to play guitar is by finding online guitar lessons or the ones you can order. They let you progress at your own pace and frequently contain a lot more applicable material and software packages than you mentor could ever give you.

We have been teaching guitar lessons for over 10 years with a slew of happy students behind us. For the fastest way to learn to play guitar, we highly recommend you check out our Jamorama review.

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